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Using software tools to get effective domain name ideas

It’s not difficult to come up with a domain name that may suit your business or online project. However, the real problem is to register that domain name. Namely, there are millions of registered domain names out there and it’s very likely that your idea for a domain name is already taken. So, what can we do to ensure that we are looking at the right domain name ideas? Well, the simple answer is to use a special software tool. These tools are known as domains name generators. You’ll find many tools like this on the market, but in this article, we will focus only on the best ones.


Domainsbot represents a domain name generator with unique properties. Users can search for domain names similar to the keyword or keyword phrase they have selected. In other words, they will get alternatives for their preferred words. In addition, they can use the exact keywords they want to find in their future domain name if they want to. Domainsbot can also help you find expired domains as well as domains on sale.


When you use Domaint for the first time, you will get the feeling that you are using a classic search engine. Users have to type the keyword or keyword phrase in the search box and select a domain from the results. The list contains domain names on sale by third parties and available domain names. In addition, you will get suggestions for domain names with different extensions not just .com or other popular extensions.


Thanks to Nameboy you can expect to find the ideal domain name that keeps the target keyword in mind. It’s possible to use one or two keywords to find a domain name idea. In most cases, you can expect around 30 results to choose from. You can expect results with .info, .org, .net and .com domain extension. In this way, you will save some time because instead of browsing through dozens of results you will get up to 30 most relevant results.


Finally, we have Namestation, a domains name generator where users can choose the niche of their website and the keywords they want to use in the domain name. After that, the tool generates an attractive name that you can register right away. It is possible to hold contests and get help from Namestation’s community in order to pick the right domain name.

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