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How to get Domain Name Ideas?

It would’ve been great if you can register the first word or combination of words that will come to your mind when you need to think of a domain name. But, this process doesn’t work like that. Namely, there are millions of registered domain names and each of them is unique. So, you have to get original domain name ideas. But, how can one do this?


First and foremost, in case you are planning on opening a website and you already have a company, ask your employees about ideas. You can ask your friends and relatives too. After all, two or more minds think better than one.

Consider the location, values, and mission

It would be a nice idea to consider your values, location, and mission before you come up with some domain name ideas. In case your business is located in New York and your clients are mostly local people, then you can add the name of the city/state in the domain name. In addition, if you are building a website for a carpet cleaning company, you can use a domain name that includes words like clean, reliable, ideal etc. Think about your mission and values and your business message too.

Conduct keyword research

Another great idea in this process is to conduct keyword research. In other words, use a keyword research tool to find the most used keywords in your niche. It may be a good option to add some of these keywords in the domain name. Of course, using the most popular keywords is not always a good idea because some keyword are quite saturated making it almost impossible to rank high for those keywords. Ideally, you should pick a popular keyword with medium or low competition.

Use domain name generators

Did you know that software developers have created numerous domain name generators available to all users online? Some of these special generators include Domain Name Soup, Bust A Name, and NameStation. They can provide hundreds of suggestions for a domain name and all you have to do is to pick a keyword or keywords and in some cases – pick a niche.

Think about using new extensions

There’s no doubt that .com, .net, and .org are very popular domain extensions, but you can always use a new extension like .guru or .pro if you want to register a domain name that is already taken. Don’t forget that new extensions are promoted all the time.

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